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Luminous Night Glow Tape

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High Quality Material and No Residue: This glow tape made from photo-luminescent pigment with vinyl of film, and backed with self-adhesive paper, nontoxic and harmless, environment friendly.   It can peel off easily without any residue.  

5 Colors and Sizing Information: Blue, Green, Orange, Aquamarine, Tangerine luminous tape 3 m / 1 m in length, 1.5 m in width.   Choose the length you want.   You can make any design by simply cutting tape to any size.  

Versatile: The fluorescent tape can be used to outline pathways and exits to make them more visible and increase safety in certain areas.   It easy to peel and stick to any surface such as hallway decal, floor, volleyball, signpost, Frisbee golf, keyboard, beer pong, key chain, jump rope games.

Glows Bright: The fluorescent gaffers tape glows very bright in the dark when exposed to light for 20-30 minutes then it will be very brightly for 5 hours-8 hours.  



Name: Luminous Tape  

Size: length: 3 m / 1 m, width: 1.5 cm  

Material: Acrylic   

Color: Blue, Green, Aquamarine,  


Package Included:

1 * Luminous Tape